Morph®Bag Connector
The Morph Connector provides you with a convenience no other bag offers. You can now leave your flight bag in the plane, or at home, and just take the detachable side bags with you.  The Connector is made in the USA using Stainless Steel and Mil-A-8625 Black Anodized Aluminum parts.


Private Pilot Morph®Bag

The Private Pilot MorphBag's convenient size and adjustable features are perfect for the Private Pilot. This bag features one detachable Morph headset bag and one detachable Morph Nav/Radio bag along with a large exterior zippered pocket (9-1/2"H x 14"W x 2"D) and a roomy interior section. Approximate dimensions: 11.25" high x 8" wide x 15" long. Currently available in Black only.


Headset Morph®Bag

Morph Headset Bags are made with padded wall construction to provide protection. Since not everyone carries more than one headset the Morph Headset Bags can also be used to carry three .5 liter bottles of water or two 24 oz. sports drinks, a bag or snacks, extra approach plates or two nav/radios. Comes standard on Private Pilot MorphBag.


Morph®Bag Navigation/Radio

The Morph Nav/Radio Bag is made with padded wall construction to provide protection. This MorphBag can easily accommodate both large and small GPS and transceiver units. Comes standard on Private Pilot MorphBag.


Morph®Bags can be customized to meet your needs. The basic MorphBag is ideal for students and can be customized to provide greater flexibility and configuration options.

Morph®Bag Construction: MorphBags are made with Tereylene having a water-repellant finish.The sides of the MorphBag are also padded to help protect the contents of the bag.This combination of fabric and construction will give you good abrasion resistance, flexibility, convenience and durability.


Detachable Side Bags Feature: All MorphBags feature removable Headset and/or Nav/Radio bags which may be detached from the main bag giving you a handy carrying case for your Headset, GPS, radio, camera or other items. If you are not carrying your headset or radio, the extra space can be used to carry suntan lotion, bottles of water or other refreshments.